Montessori Programs

The Wonderworld Program stays true to the Montessori model and has a strong focus on the developmental and academic aspects of child growth from five aspects: Sensorial, Practical, Math, Language and Cultural Studies, followed by the Enrichment Program, which is an extra comprehensive program designed to unlock hidden potentials of our students while preparing them towards future achievements.
The daily routine of Wonderworld’s Program reflects an uninterrupted natural routine of a school day and help settle our children into to a healthy, active and fun mindset. Furthermore, the multicultural elements of our program help our children to adapt to a life in the middle of one of the largest immigrant community in the Lower Mainland.
  • Primary Program

    3 - 6 years old
    Our Primary Community is offered within a beautifully prepared space, designed to mimic one’s home environment. Much like our Infant and Toddler environment, our Primary classroom promotes for our children, further independence, order and beauty, as well as choice. Our children thrive in this space, as they continue to move toward self-discipline, increased concentration and social independence. Our role as the Guide is to connect your children to their environment, encouraging a sense of pride over work, nurturing innate curiosity and inspiring a lifelong love of learning. It is during the children’s time in our Primary Community that our children blossom: caring for their classroom and classmates, while contributing unique perspectives to the group.  
    Student Inquiry
  • Infant and Toddler Program

    Walker - 3 years old
    Imagine an environment where your child can thrive during their most critical and absorbent learning years. This space is not just a classroom, but a home away from home for our youngest students. In our beautifully prepared Infant and Toddler environment, our children are given the opportunity to explore with intelligent materials through their five senses. We guide our children in social interactions, while promoting activities to safely develop their basic coordination in movement. Our nurturing and positive atmosphere encourages our children to be independent, explore and repeat, to concentrate and observe - ultimately growing their confidence in their abilities. Our classroom community creates an environment where our children have the opportunity to gain real life experiences in a stimulating space and work as part of a community of children.  
    Student Inquiry