Wonderworld Montessori Academy

The First Large-scale Montessori Daycare in the Metro Vancouver

WMA aims at becoming an AMI-certified school. Meanwhile, we are also working very hard to be one of the few internationally recognized authentic bilingual Montessori preschools. We strictly follow the AMI standards and provide an environment that is both conducive to education and loved by children. WMA would love to partner with families to create an environment in which children can learn, play and grow.

Mission and Vision

We offer authentic Montessori education to serve families with children from walking age to 6-year-old. We hope to nurture young children to become independent, strong, and self-motivated individuals by supporting every child to develop to his/her best potentials.

-To create an environment with the highest respect for the children’s rights and potentialities of childhood development

- To bring peace to the community and family by education based on Montessori pedagogy

- To help to build a harmonious world by inspiring the minds of future citizens.     

Scale of the Academy

  • unparalleled floor size of 13,000 sq. ft.
  • house eight classrooms
  • five early childhood classes (walker to 3 years old)
  • three Casa classes (2.5~3 to 6 years old)
  • house 161 children at full capacity

The Facilities

Wonderworld Montessori Academy will be the first large-scale Montessori daycare in the Vancouver metropolitan area that adopts a multi-lingual (English and Chinese) curriculum. WMA is located at Suntower I, a high-rise mixed-use building sitting at the centre of Metrotown community, the heart of Burnaby.

Activity Rooms

In addition to solid classroom experience, the spacious area offers delicate activity rooms, in which children at WMA can enjoy various extra-curricular activities, such as dancing, gymnastics and music-playing. WMA has selected the finest learning tools and equipment to ensure safety.

Outdoor Area

Besides indoor space, it is equally important–if not more so–to provide an outdoor area where children can run, explore, or simply enjoy some fresh air. The outdoor (roof) playing area at WMA, sized 8,000 sq. ft., is divided into four parts for children from different age groups. There is also a garden, where children can plant flowers and vegetables with care!

Small Library

All these delicate spaces are designed not only for children but also their parents and guardians. WMA provides facilities such as small library where parents can get helpful information from the materials on the shelves while waiting to pick their children up.

Our Montessori Program

Montessori is anchored on the mission to nurture our children to become creators and innovators of tomorrow. Wonderworld shares the same aspiration– We hope to provide a space where children can develop their abilities for love, self-exploration, self-discipline and concentration.

All our teaching and assistant staff have received AMI-qualified training to ensure the Montessori philosophy permeates the operation of WMA. WMA also invite experts from the Montessori Training Centre of BC (MTCBC) regularly to provide training to the staff for continuous improvement, and host sessions to parents for education tips and information.


number learning

words puzzle

The Multilingual Learning Environment

Nowadays, Vancouver has become a living representation of multiculturalism in Canada. Learning a second language like Chinese is more than just a hobby. To learn a new language, when will it be better to start than in early childhood?

Now, Wonderworld is offering this opportunity.

WMA features an integral bilingual “Chinese Immersion” program based on individual needs. The program is designed according to the Montessori principles and aimed at inspiring children’s interest and motivation. 

In the program, there will be two qualified instructors–one English, one Chinese–in their respective classrooms. It will be a truly immersive experience that will lay critical foudnation for future learning and improvement. Wonderworld welcomes children with all levels of Chinese proficiency to join this program.

Management Team



Debbie Marette

Operating Consultant

Debbie Marette is the Operating Consultant of WMA. Being in charge of WMA’s education program, she is a Montessori Educator specialized in 1 to 6-year-old children. Graduated from the Montessori Training Centre of BC with an AMI Montessori diploma and in Early Childhood Education in 1994, Debbie has over 25 years of experience of teaching, administration, training and management.  Debbie’s valuable advise will be instrumental to the overall operation of WMA-Metrotown. 

Teaching Staff



Zina Yang

Infant and Toddler Lead Guide

Zina Yang is one of the Infant and Toddler guides (teacher) at WMA. She is an AMI-certified Montessori teacher and will work in the IC class. Zina received a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from UBC. Previously, she has worked at BC Children’s Hospital, focusing on behavior therapy for children and conducted neuroscience research. Currently, she is receiving the Montessori primary training for 3 to 6-years-old children. Zina has great passion for assisting early children’s growth.  

WMA specifically formed an AMI-certified consultant team for both Montessori program and Mandarin program. Experts from the consultant team have more than 20 years of experience in bilingual (English and Chinese) education. They provide training and guidance to our teachers. Also, they evaluate our teaching plans to ensure the quality of instruction. In addition, WMA invites trainers from the Montessori Training Centre of BC (MTCBC) to provide regular, continuing education to all teachers and assistants. Professionals from MTCBC also hold education workshops for parents in WMA to better support their children’s development.