Wonderworld Montessori Academy strives to provide an authentic Montessori experience delivered by delivered by education professionals certified by the Association Montessori International (AMI) who are passionate in early childhood development.

Our Burnaby – Metrotown Centre will be one of the largest daycare facilities in British Columbia where hundreds of children could play, learn and interact in a full-day routine. The WMA offers programs for both infant/toddler and 3-6 yrs old children.

Our Burnaby – Metrotown centre is located at 6390 Silver Avenue, Burnaby (Sun TowerI) and is scheduled to open in April 2021 (opening schedule is subject to change, please stayed tuned for further notice).

If you are interested in learning more about Wonderworld, we highly recommend attending our Virtual Open House.

STEP 1 – Ongoing

  • Read through the information on our website to determine if Wonderworld Montessori Academy is a good fit for your family. THIS IS A CRITICAL STEP OF THE APPLICATION PROCESS.
  • Submit a “Student Inquiry Form” online by visiting:
  • Attend an Open House or schedule a tour (required). Please note that school tours are scheduled to become available as early as April 2021 (subject to change and delays), and only Virtual Open House events are currently available.

STEP 2 – After attending open house or school tour

  • Admission process guideline and application fee consent form will be emailed to parents after the open house or school tour.
  • Sign the application form and email it to: [email protected]
  • Deposit the $100 non-refundable application fee via e-transfer to: [email protected]. Please specify “student name, DOB, and parents’ names” in the e-transfer message.
  • A family interview will be scheduled upon our admission team receiving both the application fee and the application fee consent form. The interview invitation shall be delivered via email.

STEP 3 – Family Interviews/decisions

  • Applicants will be invited for a family interview which includes a meet-and-greet with the prospective child by Wonderworld staff.
  • The outcome of the family interview will be delivered to all applicants via email in 2–5 business days after the interview.
  • The available space will be reserved for 2 business days for families to make a decision.

STEP 4 – Registration/Tuition

  • Registration documents will be delivered via email to all families that are formally accepted.
  • Complete written enrollment documents will be emailed to: [email protected]
  • Make the first $1000 deposit via e-transfer to [email protected] with a message that includes “student name, DOB, and parents’ names”.
  • The balance of the deposit will be due 1 month before the students start at Wonderworld (actual start date for 2021 is dependent upon completion of the construction/furnishing project).
  • Tuition for the first two months is due 1 month before the students starts.